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'100% That Bride


Get ready to strut your bridal style with our Light Blue Vintage Denim Jacket featuring "100% That Bride" hand-embellished on the back – the ultimate nod to Lizzo fans and a sassy statement for the modern bride. This jacket, available in size 10, is the perfect blend of style and attitude for your big day!


Why you'll love it:


Retro Coolness: This vintage denim jacket is the embodiment of retro cool, carefully hand-restored to radiate its classic charm. You'll exude a timeless aura every time you wear it.

Lizzo Tribute: The back of the jacket proudly declares "100% That Bride," giving a sassy shout-out to Lizzo and making a bold statement on your special day.

Size 10 Comfort: Tailored for a comfortable and flattering fit, this jacket is designed to make you feel like the confident bride you are.

Craftsmanship Excellence: Our skilled artisans have poured their passion and expertise into restoring and customising this jacket, ensuring the highest quality in every detail. It's not just stylish; it's built to last.


This denim jacket isn't just for weddings; it's for the bride who wants to own her unique style with confidence and sass. From sipping cocktails at your hen do, to those instagram worthy wedding day snaps, to poolside sass on your honeymoon, this jacket is ready to take you on the ultimate bridal journey! Don't wait – grab yours today and make your bridal moment a 100% unforgettable one!

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