Hey there, fashion-forward friends!

If you're all about those vintage vibes, sassy style, and saving the planet one denim jacket at a time, then you've just stumbled upon the jackpot – Tassel & Sass!

Our story starts with our fabulous founder, Hannah, who's the creative genius behind our brand. It all began in 2020 when she was planning her own hen do and wedding. She had this incredible vision for a denim jacket that would be more than just a one-day wonder. But guess what? She scoured the internet, and nothing quite matched her vision. So, what did she do? She decided to take matters into her own hands and create it herself. That's where it all began.

Hannah didn't want just another 'bride' or 'mrs' jacket. She wanted something with sass, style, and personality – something she could wear long after the big day. Little did she know that her creation would become a hit, and requests started rolling in.

At Tassel & Sass, we're not just about fashion; we're about fashion with a purpose. We handpick vintage denim jackets, each with its own unique character and history, and then we work our magic. Our skilled artisans hand-sew custom designs onto each jacket, from catchy catchphrases to your favorite song lyrics, and much more. These jackets are like works of art, brimming with personality and uniqueness.

But the best part? We're all about sustainability, baby! We're not like those big, faceless fast fashion giants. We believe in quality over quantity, and each jacket we transform means one less piece of clothing headed for the landfill. We're on a mission to make the world a little greener while keeping you looking fabulous.

Where can you rock one of these gems, you ask? Everywhere! These jackets are perfect for your everyday look, adding a dash of cool to your jeans and tees. They're also a must-have for brides-to-be – whether you're strutting down the aisle, sipping cocktails at your hen do, or jetting off on a honeymoon adventure. And don't forget festivals, gigs, or any fun occasion that needs a little extra sass.

So, if you're into one-of-a-kind fashion, embracing your individuality, and giving Mother Earth a big ol' high-five, then Tassel & Sass is your new fashion BFF. Join our revolution, and let's make the world a sassier place, one personalised denim jacket at a time!